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Chasis Punching Machine AP1212

AP1212 CNC flexible metal-forming plant is specialized in machining the fore-and-aft beam platform of vehicle frame. Main components of the plant are 3-column straight-sided CNC press, auto-programmed positioning system, mechanical positioning system, material-loading device, material-unloading device, waste-discharging device and CNC system.
   Technical Specifications
Techinical Specifications
Electrical Permanent-magnet sucking disk style automaterial loading & unloading device
Electrical Permanent-magnet sucking disk style auto material loading & unloading device
Auto flat vehicle beam loading & unloading reduces labor intensity and increases production efficiency. Magnet sucking force remains when power is OH which ensures safe production.
Auto roll conveyer
Auto extensible hydraulic clamp
  Auto roll conveyer
Auto extensible hydraulic clamp
It effectively reduces resistance for smooth work piece transport.
The whole flat vehicle beam is fixed by the hydraulic clamps to ensure high punching accuracy.
Turret and tools of CNC Punch
Auto-programmed Positioning system
 Turret and tools of CNC Punch
Auto-programmed Positioning   system
Unique 3-column machine frame ensures punching accuracy and long service life of tools regardless of frame deformation. This turret structure makes tools replacement easy.
Benchmark of work piece can match one of processing automatically regardless of width and length of work piece.
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