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General Specification

    High Acceleration ( Max : 4G )
    High Velocity 200m/min (simultaneously)    
    Accuracy + 0,05    
    Direct Drive dynamic Axes    
    High performance Rigid Aluminum Bridge    
    Does not Require Maintenance with No Friction, No Backlash, Linear motor Application all axes (X, Y, U, V,)    
    Low Energy and gas Consumption    
    High, reliable, powerful GE –Fanuc RF laser Source    
    GF – Fanuc 16-I LB CNC Controller    
    High Safety, Laser Beam Protective Window, Easy Opening Safe Hood    
    Reliable High / Low Pressure Gas System    
    Automatic Controlled Synchronized Suction System    
    Special Filtered, Dried Air System    
    Compact  Exchangeable Cartridge for 3, 75, “,5”,7.5”,10”Lens Capacitive Sensor, high pressure Cutting Head    
    Long Life Rustproof, Filtered Water Cooling System    
    Best Cutting Result with Constant Beam path with Compensation Axis    
    Lantek Expert CAD –Cam Software    
    Film Burning    
    We have  Automatic Cutting Technology Tables    
    3 Different cutting Technologies for all Materials and Thicknesses    
    Edge, Start_ Up, Power Controls Function    
    Automatic Nesting and Machining    
    Time and Cost Calculation    
    Network Connection Between Office and Machine    
    Shuttle Table – Automatic loading – unloading    
    Restart –Retrace Features    
    Reference  Sensor from 3 Points and Program    
    Piercing Sensor    
    Part and Scrap Collecting Conveyor    
    Tow Proportional Valve and Special gas System for High Pressure    
LASERMAK which has reliable, strong, mono block construction and high dynamism is manufactured by perfect combining
OUR PRINCIPLE'S 40 year old experience in the sector with components that their quality cerality certified in world markets.
Laser Mak

GE-Fanuc CO2 – Laser Resonator which has more than 10000 installations around the world;

      Intelligent Technology for highest Reliability    
      Extremely low gas consumption    
      Advanced Alarm Circuits    
      "Cyclone Cleaner Unit " removes solid contamination and lengthens mirror Cleaning Intervals    
      " Photo – Catalytic Elemen" removes Hydrocarbons to avoid mirror Contamination and to protect    
    laser power supply Units"    
      Nano-machined mirror Holder reduce Resonator Adjustment Time after cleaning or Exchange    
      GE Fanuc Laser use a Very Sable and proven Resonator Structure.    
      GE Fanuc Laser use a Very Cost Effective Standard optical Components.    
      GE Fanuc Mode is Designed to give an Even Energy Distribution on optics    
      GE Fanuc Mode is Especially Designed to Achieve Best  Cutting Results Over a Wide Range of Thickness.    
      RF Excited Lasers Have a considerably lower consumption (C400E : 101/Hour)    

GE – Fanuc Resonator

  GE Fanuc Laser Provided a Well balanced Beam Shape protecting optics    
  GE Fanuc 4kW has only 6FMs (GE Fanuc 2 kW has only 3 FMS
  GE Fanuc use a modular power supply System ( typically 1 PSU per 1 KW Output Power). In case of Break down of one Units
  Operation can be Continued.    
  GE Fanuc Lasers offer latest RF Excitation Technology    
  GE Fanuc protect life by low AC Voltage and Skin Effect.    
  Discharge Circuits of GE Fanuc Laser do not need any maintenance    
  GE Fanuc Solid State MOS-FETS offer almost unlimited Lifetime and so not require Maintenance. Highest Efficiency
GE – Fanuc Resonator

GE Fanuc Radio Frequency Excitation

No Wer of Electrodes
Electrodes are attached to the outside of discharge tubes. Therefore there is no contact between electrodes and discharge and consequently no wear of electrodes. No Contamination of laser gas takes place.
Low Gas Consumption
Compared to DC- Discharge, RF Discharge generates considerably lower energy densities. Dissociation rate of CO2 is therefore much lower. Additionally low voltages and "Skin-effec" Decrease the danger potential.
  Constant Power Output
  Homogenous gas discharge guarantees a very constant output of laser power.
GE Fanuc Radio Frequency Excitation
  Latest Laser Technology by means of Sophisticated Ceramics Technology at Discharge Tubes
  Symmetrical mode – distribution by means of helical electrode
  Electrode protection by means of ceramic Coating
  Easy to exchange due to integrated design
Gaussion Mode Best Theoretical Mode
Best Theoretical Mode For cutting
Ge- fanuc Beam Shape Optimized for efficient laser cutting Processes
Gaussion Mode
Best Theoretical Mode
Ge- fanuc Beam Shape Optimized
Best Theoretical Mode
For cutting
for efficient laser cutting Processes

Gaussian mode called as best theoretical mode gives perfect cutting results on thin sheets.However it′s not convenient for thick material cutting. The shape as called best theoretical mode for cutting is the most effective one for thick materials. GE-Fanuc has created ″ low order mode″ provides effective working on both thick and thin materials by optimizing these two modes.


Beam path delivery system has five folding mirror, one lens to deliver beam from oscillator to cutting head.
  Be sure that less optical components make the beam much more OPTIONAL COMPONENTS  
  stable (cutting performance) and reduce maintenance efforts  
  The polarization mirror transforms the linear polarized beam into  
  circular polarized beam to get best cutting results on two directions (X &Y).  
  10,4” LCD colored screen monitor
  512 kb part program memory
  Extensive laser diagnostic functions (Leak check, aging, laser tuning...) processing parameter control
  Cutting function
  Pierce and high speed piercing function
  Edge machining and start – Up Function
  Sharp Edges, especially when cutting thick material
  Clean cutting without burn
  Power control function
  Integrated laser screens
  Maintenance / Diagnostic / Assist Gas setting  / Laser setting /Laser power screens
  Lantek expert Cut CAD / CAM Software
Special functions
  Tracing function by  means of analog input and CNC – Axis
CNC 16 i LB Controller
  Activation of tracing mode via G-command
  Measurement of Z axis position stays active during tracing
  Control characteristics can be changed by parameter setting
  Cutting failure monitoring
  Ping _ pong function ( hole to time really short )
  Ping _ pong function ( hole to time really short )
  High speed Approach function
  Sensor controlled piercing time
  Beam length compensation 
  Cutting data library
  Restart and retrace function
  Ethernet or PCMCI card connections
  3 points reference sensor
  Graphics Display
  Maintenance time messages
Exchangeable cartridge system for high pressure cutting applications 5" , 7, 5" and 10 "(with extension adaptor )focal lengths are provided by two exchangeable cartridges on the cutting head
  Nozzle clearance is programmable
  With integrated distance sensor control
  Cartridges replacement system enables faster change of cartidge
  Enables high pressure cutting (2,5Mpa)
  Effective lens and nozzle cooling
  Two cutting gas connection
  Error signals collision, cable cut body touch to protect cutting head
GE – Fanuc 16i – LB controller is a  complete system with Maintenance / Diagnostic / Assist Gas setting  / Laser setting /Laser powerscreens integrated laser screens.
CNC operator panel
Our Laser Machine uses Lantek Expert Cut Cad /Cam Software by its own lasermak postprocessor. There are many features to make cut easier like a automatic nesting and machining, calculation of time/ cost micro- joint common cut … etc. All cutting data has been installed Lantek’s tables of technology part. Thus part program which is made a nesting and machining is directly installed to the CNC without any cutting parameter settings. Lantek has also some additional features if it is  not able to cut like a smaller hole (0.5 x thickness of material) Lantek decides automatically making!  
  Classified as "Flying Optic" , works via  table and so worksheet is fixed; cutting head is moved 2D, principle.
GE- Fanuc linear motors are being used at movement of bridge on table (X-Axis)and movement of cutting head on bridge (Y-Axis);GE-FAnuc servo motor is being used at vertical movement of cuting head (Z-Axis) ± 0.02 mm positioning ± 0.05mm repetition accuracy, 2G (20 m/s2) acceleration X Axis  4G (40m/s2) acceleration of Y axis and 200 m/min (simultaneous, approx.) Velocity are achieved by means of advantages of linear motor technology.
  Mono block rigid durable construction frame.
  Aluminum, rigid and lite bridge
The compensation unit in addition to same linear guide on axis resonator side works synchronous with cutting head and makes constant beam path length, diameter and energy distribution between resonator and cutting head. By this way same, smooth perfect cutting results are achieved at every point in the table.
Specialized cooling for laser source, linear motors and all optical components is provided to extend their lifetime, durability and efficiency.
Conveyor under the processing center carries dropped scraps and slag from the table and collects into the wheeled scrap box. Then the scrap box can be easily pulled and emptied.
Laser Vision cabin windows and protective goggles prevent injury of eyes.

OUR LASER MACHINE is designed with linear motorized concept. Linear motorization applied on 5 axes machine can reach to high accelerations by its aluminum bridge produced after perfect after design and dynamic analyses (Y axis 4G X axis 2G), and realizes precise and high speed co2  laser cutting.


LINEAR MOTORS are being used at movement of bridge on both sides of table (X axis) and movement of cutting head on bridge (Y axis). The compensation unit in addition to same linear guide on X axis resonator side works synchronous with cutting head and makes constant beam path length, diameter and energy distribution between resonator resonator and cutting head. By this way same, smooth, perfect cutting results are achieved at every point on the table.

shuttle table
Provides automatic loading-unloading by 2 pallets. Workbench starts to process while the operator collecting processed parts at loading-unloadig area. Thus time loss is prevented. Cycle time is 35sec.


  MachineFrame, 5 axis, x, y, u, v axes, linear, motorized, Z axis servo motorized; high speed sensitive Laser Cutting Workbench.
  Chiller Unit,Mecessary for laser source, linear motors and all optical components, equipped with a special micron rated water
  CNC Control Unit, Ge-Fanuc 16/LB 10.4” LCD screen, all laser functions and maintenance screens, Ethernet RJ45, PCMCI
  exterior program storing, flash disk.
  Cutting Head, Precitec HP2” (4KW), HP1.5” (2.5KW)
  Easily Changeable Cartridge, Practice 5” and 7.5” two pieces changeable cartridge. Easy changing possibility for each
  lens. Extension Adaptor for Precitec 10’ lens (Standard for 4 KW and above Laser Resonator powers).
  Cutting Head and Capacitive Approaching Controller, Sensitive distance control with precitec EG8010 Adjust Box.
  Piercing Sensor, precitec sensor watches over the piercing process.
  Nozzle Set, 5 pieces per 1.0-1.2-1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0 mm totally 30 piece nozzle.
  Optical Mirror Set, 5 pieces II-VI folding mirros.
  Lens Set, I piece 5.0", 1 piece 7.5" meniscus lens on cutting head cartridges I piece 10" lens (Standard for 4 KW and above
  Laser Resonator powers).
  Cutting Head Ceramic Spare Part Set, One on cutting head; one spare. Total: 2 piece ceramic part.
  Beam Path System, Special beam path protective bellows designed for LASERMAK fed with dry and clean air.
Proportional Gas and Piping System, Automatic programmed gas selection and pressure adjustment. Gas and piping
  systemcontrolled by sensitive double proportional valve technology works at both high pressure (25 bar) and low pressure (O. I ‑ 6 bar).Automatic assist gas selection ‑ Nitrogen, Oxygen, Air.
  Gas and Air Control, Pressures check fault display system to assist gases and air system.
  Clean ‑ Dry Air System, Air source with active carbonized oil taking away filter and air drier.
  Shuttle Table, Automatic loading ‑ unloading unit.
  Holder Clamps, 3 nos. sheet gauge point and holder clamps at each table.
  Three Point Reference Sensor and Automation, The sensor equipment and software calculates part position angle on the
  table and adapts to coordinate system,
  Part Program Restart ‑ Retrace Function, Continuation of cutting from the last point with an incomplete part program. Program
  (retrace) or repetition to cut an area which couldn't be cut before (restart).
  Conveyor, Cut part and scrap collecting conveyor.  
  Suction System, Independent suction windows system works synchronized with the cutting head.
  Warning Lamp, According to the machine working modes warns, cautions, loading ‑ unloading modes and resonator working
  Cutting Quality Perfecting Features, Cad/Cam and CNC aided functions as Power Control, Edge, and Start up works
  automatically according to material features and contours.
  CNC ‑ Laser Control Maintenance Feature, Laser Maintenance ‑ Diagnostic Adjustment pages and faulty data storing area on
  the CNC.
  Machine and Operator Safety System, Part and machine safety. A warning safety switch system for opening the hood and axes
  soft limits.
  Safety Cabinet, Laser Vision cabinet windows protecting eyes from the laser beam.
  Laser Gas Pressure Regulator,  Linde / Tanaka ‑ Laser Mix Gas Sensitive Pressure Regulator.
  CAD/CAM Software, Lantek Expert Cut, automatic tool path, automatic nesting, importing *dxf, *dwg files, time and cost
  calculation, job ‑ customer ‑ user database storage, marking (writing or drawing on the sheet), common cut line etc,
  Cutting Technology Charts
  Mild Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Galvanized Steel
Automatic, tried and developed 3 technology charts per each identified material and for thicknesses by I mm steps according to contours, nozzle lens selection, cutting parameters and speed. Frequency, power, pressure, gas selection, piercing parameters as power, timing, frequency, gas selection, increasing piercing, Edge, Power Control, Start‑up parameters, cutting head route movements according to contour. Special or different materials can be added. Free  database.
  Laser Machine Working Area ‑ Electric Panel Illumination, Illumination of working area and inside of panel for easy operation and maintenance.
  Machine Operation Training, Laser Machine installation ‑ I week.Operating, programming, panel
  and maintenance training ‑ I week, 2 trainees.
  LANTEK Expert Cut CAD/CAM Training, Cad/Cam training on LASERMAK at ERMAKSAN ‑ I week, 2 trainees.
  Operator Training Manuals, Laser machine operator instruction manual, resonator maintenance and instruction manual, controller
  16iLb programming manual, Lantek easy usage guide, LASERMAK electric project, LASERMAK lay‑out plan, LASERMAK
  mechanical part drawings.
  Resonator Transformer, 380 ‑ 220 V transformer 33 kva ‑ 2,5 kW and 55 kva ‑4 kW for Laser Machine, Resonator.
  Lay‑out Floor Plates, Necessary floor plates for installation of Our Laser Machine.
PCMCI Flash Memory Card, 256 MB flash disk for program loading and backup at Our Laser Machine.
  3.75" Cutting Cartridge and 3.75" Lens (for 2.5 kW), 3.75" / 5.0" cartridge and 3.75 " lens for quick cutting of thin sheets
  Lens Crack Sensor, Lens situation following sensor. Warning sensor warns of  damage to Dirty lenses.  
  Laser Machine Spare Consumable Part Kit,  
Ceramic Part ‑ 2 pieces
Folding Mirror ‑ 2 pieces
5" Lens ‑ 2 pieces
7.5" Lens ‑ 2 pieces
1.0 nozzle ‑ 10 pieces
1.2 nozzle ‑ 10 pieces
1.5 nozzle ‑ 5 pieces
2.0 nozzle ‑ 5 pieces
2.5 nozzle ‑ 5 pieces
2.5 nozzle ‑ 3 pieces
   Automatic Motorized Focusing Laser Cutting Head, Focus point adjustable according to material type and thickness.
  Waste Gas, Dust And Fume Filtering Unit Integrated With Suction System, Filters the waste gas, dust and fume produced
  during cutting.  
  Laser Machine C02 Laser Beam Protective Goggles, Filters the 10,6 Im laser wave
  length and protects the eyes.  
Independent suction windows worksynchronized with cutting head. The suction window is opened as for where the cutting head is. Thus the most profitable suction is provided to avoid environment pollution.
  Extraction of polluted air via pipes  
  Separation of dusts at the surface of the filter media  
  Automatic cleaning of filters while working  
  Easy disposal of collected dust  
  Laminated Teflon (PTFE) membrane  
  Optimal cleaning qualities   
  Separation efficiency above 99,99%  
Suction - Extration - Filtration Unit
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